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Flexible scheduling, online payments, student portals, and more –- all in one place! Get ready to spend more time teaching, practicing, and relaxing.

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Scheduling software for music lessons, subscription billing, learning management -- we've got it all.

A friend of mine said, "As a former independent music teacher, that gig is extremely hard to schedule, bill, and lesson plan. It’s basically just barely contained chaos." My goal with CodaCal is to help you contain (and hopefully reduce) your chaos.

1. Get paid on-time, automatically

  • Professional, digital invoices
  • Accept credit cards, cash app, apple pay, and more
  • Subscription payments for every lesson
  • Automatic invoices, reminders, and online payments
  • Never send another manual invoice or reminder

2. Organize your lessons

  • Schedule individual & group lessons
  • Flexible, recurring lesson schedules
  • Two-way syncing to and from your personal calendars
  • Customizable calendar event colors
  • Write private lesson notes that only you can see

3. Centralized learning management

  • Manage your digital teaching repertoire
  • Upload images, documents, and audio
  • Add youtube and vimeo videos
  • Attach student notes and repertoire to every lesson
  • Offer no-show makeup lessons solely through lesson attachments

4. Dedicated student portals, so clients can...

  • See their lesson calendars
  • View all past and present invoices
  • Manage stored payment methods
  • Update student information and emergency contacts
  • Access lesson notes and shared repertoire/resources

Don't want dedicated software?

Learn to automate your admin, get more students, and charge more for your lessons without CodaCal in this free 4-video series.

"It's insane that this series is so easily available to music teachers. Matt gave me such an easy and clear roadmap to get my piano teaching studio as efficient as possible so I can spend more time teaching and be present with my students! Everyone should take advantage of this amazing resource!"
- Josh from Portland
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My Mission

My mission is to give independent instructors the best possible chances of success as small business owners.

Your Benefits

  • A single dashboard for your admin
  • Earn more and grow your studio
  • Ditch makeup lessons forever

My Vision

My vision is of a world where independent instructors can maintain financial stability while spending as little time as possible on administration. This world is better for teachers because it allows them to provide the best possible instruction to their students while nurturing a rich and balanced personal life. This world is better for students because it means that they get the best education from, and relationship with, their teacher as possible.

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About us

Hi, I'm Matthew Weiner, the founder/developer/designer/everything-elser here at CodaCal. I've been playing violin for just about 25 years (which is honestly crazy to say) and building websites for over a decade. I also play guitar, piano and sing+write original songs and music. I played professionally for years, doing everything from touring and recording to casinos and business luncheons. I also helped to start and run a performing arts non-profit that was focused on helping to empower the local arts community, putting on productions from coffee shops to 1000+ seat auditoriums.

After realizing how much trouble some of my friends were having managing their teaching studio, I realized that things could be better. And that I had the skills to make things better! So, I built CodaCal to help my friends -- and other teachers, like you -- to spend less time trying to schedule, collect payments, and manage your studio, and more time teaching, practicing, and relaxing.